Waddesdon Church of England School

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13, 13 Read More

Last year a group of our students chose the verse written above as the school's Bible Verse of the Year for 2015 - 16. The verse speaks of the central position that love holds in the Christian faith.

So often nowadays young people are encouraged to value money, power or status above all things. Not so the early Christian leader Paul, who wrote the verse quoted above around 2,000 years ago in a letter to the newly-established Christian church in the town of Corinth. For Paul, love was the best value upon which a community may be built.

Paul was passing on to the community he led the teaching of his Saviour, Jesus Christ. Jesus taught his followers to love God, their neighbours and themselves; he even taught them to love their enemies. Similarly, in our turn 2,000 years later we pass the same wisdom to our own school community. We love learning and achievement and we love our students and the adults who work with them. Our students learn about themselves and the world in which they live; these things are very important. But, like Paul, we believe that the single most important thing our students may learn about is love.

Waddesdon Church of England School is a co-educational 11-18 secondary school with just under 1,000 students on roll, of which around 260 are in the Sixth Form. In the most recent inspection of September 2006, the school was judged by OfSTED to be an outstanding school. A further inspection by the Society for the Inspection of Anglican Schools in February 2013 also judged the school to be outstanding as a faith school. In recent years the school has held specialisms in the Visual Arts and Mathematics and Computing and has been designated a High Performing Specialist School and the Lead School in the Aylesbury Vale Leading Edge Partnership. In September 2011, the Department for Education granted the school Academy status.

While the national Specialist Schools programme came to an end in 2011, the legacy of our years as a specialist school mean that Waddesdon Church of England School continues to be a centre of particular excellence in the Visual Arts and Mathematics and Computing.

As a Church of England school within the Diocese of Oxford, our values are rooted and grounded in the Christian faith, although we welcome equally young people and staff of all faiths and none.