Year 11 Revision Zone

The harder I work, the luckier I get: the sky's the limit!

This area has been specifically created to help you maximise your revision opportunities and get the best from the mock examinations.

Thank you to all parents and students who attended the Year 11 Mock Examination Briefing on Thursday, 14th November. The information given by Mrs Duggan and Mr Abbott is available for you to download below. Keep up the good work!

Mrs Duggan's Presentation

Mr Abbott's Presentation

Top Ten Revision Tips

Exam Timetable

The following links include useful resources to help you with your revision:

The following documents provide guidelines for coursework and controlled assessments:

The following documents provide guidelines for attending an exam:

The following revision guides may also be useful:


Revision Advice


Attendance at Art Zone after school very useful to achieve good grades.


Edexcel GCSE Student Drama Book

ISBN 978-1-84690-371-7


GCSE Engineering. Neil Godfrey/Steve Wallis.

Nelson & Thornes. ISBN 978-0-7487-8551-3

AQA GCSE Engineering: Student's Book Paul Anderson ISBN-10: 140850412X


Lonsdale Revision Guides (great for oral exam preparation)

Learning Wheels from

GCSE Bitesize (students should click on 'past papers' and 'topic based revision')




CGP Edexcel revision guides, workbooks and practice papers can be purchased through the school or directly from CGP. Students may also use and also the VLE.


Attempt past paper questions and review model answers from the mark schemes from the AQA GCSE PE website.
Review class notes
Review AQA GCSE PE Text books and AQA GCSE PE Revision books
Attend Monday lunchtime help/revision sessions

Product Design

Lonsdale Revision Guide

Resistant Materials

Student Workbook. Cat: 129-03-270705

Lonsdale Revision Guide – Resistant Materials

Cat: 125-03-150705

AQA Book to be published


Lonsdale Revision Guide “Essentials” GCSE D&T: Textiles Technology

ISBN 97819064 15525 or buy online at

Text book: AQA Design and Technology: Textiles Technology by Denise Davies, Amanda Dick and

Liz Hardy

ISBN 978-1-4085-0275-4


Read the notes on Carol Ann Duffy Poems and 'Of Mice and Men' on the VLE.

There are also further notes in the library which you may photocopy.

York Notes for GCSE can be very useful and are readily available for 'Of Mice and Men' and 'Animal Farm'


Revision Book reference: CGP AQA A Specification Geography Revision Guide ISBN: 978-1847623782
Students only need to revise the topics that we cover - not all the topics in the whole specification. These are:
Physical Geography: The Challenge of Weather and Climate, Water on the Land, The Coastal Zone
Human Geography: Population Change, The Development Gap, Globalisation
ICT OCR Nationals OCR Nationals Revision Material
ScienceUse the AQA website for access to past papers, markschemes and syllabii