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Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning Vision Statement

Our vision for teaching and learning is rooted in high expectations and an unconditional belief that every child can achieve and succeed according to their unique abilities.

We believe in challenge, engagement and deep learning (mastery). This is promoted through intricate planning, clear learning intentions and measurable success criteria. Behaviour for learning is central to our vision, as we strive for a warm and productive classroom climate, which embeds dignity and respect for all.

We strongly believe in the power of sharp formative (and summative) assessment, and promote this through carefully considered dialogue with our students.

Teaching and learning mirrors our wider values, with an irrefutable devotion and care for the education of young people, both within and beyond the classroom.

It is our aim for all teachers to deliver consistently outstanding lessons and to relish the challenge of striving to do so.

Successful Learning

We strongly believe that successful students need to be well equipped for independent study and revision. In order to support this vision, we run a ‘Successful Learning Programme’ for all Key Stage 3 and 4 year groups. The programme involves the delivery of whole year group sessions with a focus on:

Year 7: School ethos, Mastery and homework

Year 8: Becoming a reflective learner and making good choices (GCSE options)

Year 9: Note taking and mind maps

Year 10: Revision techniques and mnemonics

Year 11: Time management and revision

Learning at Home

Whilst our Successful Learning Programme promotes independent study skills, the support of our parents is invaluable in encouraging successful learning at home. Parents can have a dramatic impact upon the achievement and progress of their children.

We encourage parents to engage in the following with their children, as they enter and progress through secondary school:

* Continue to read with your child

* Continue to encourage numeracy, engaging in times table practice

* Support your child in organisation at home, such as management of homework commitments

* Engage in homework support where possible

* Encourage revision for tests and mock exams, including revision time management for Key Stage 4 students

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