School Library

Librarian: Amy Armstrong

Welcome to the school library!

The library is open to all students throughout the school day for study and for socialising outside of lessons. Board and card games are available for use in the library. All students are issued with a Library card, which they can use to borrow books and use other library resources, such as kindles and iPads. Click on the link to search the Library catalogue to see the books available, and resources we have on offer.

Year 7 Suggested Reading List

Year 8 Suggested Reading List

Year 9 Suggested Reading List

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day for an entire week with a book-inspired Escape Room. Students and staff were given ten minutes to try and complete the puzzles, crack the codes and escape the library. Across the week more than 20 teams took on the challenge, but only 5 managed to crack the puzzles in the allotted time; congratulations to those students! Many thanks to the Student Librarians who rejoiced in the opportunity to run such an exciting event.

Great places to find book reviews and recommendations:

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