Bucks School Cross Country Competition

On a brisk and bright blue Wednesday, Waddesdon runners took up the challenge of competing in the Bucks Schools XC. Our team comprised runners from Year 7 through to Year 11 in both girls’ and boys’ events.

We arrived early for registration and immediately the runners undertook a forensic examination and analysis of the course to see where gains were to be made and formulate their own individual strategy on how best to attack the course. Despite each race consisting of a field of over 100 runners, Waddesdon School took to the start line with confidence. Each athlete gave their own very best, pushing to strive and stride across the ground coping with undulations, mixed terrain, bog-like conditions, whilst jostling for position and working against the clock.

The highlight of the day must be reserved for Louis Peterson in Year 9 who ran with style and a fluidity beyond his years. After what appeared to be a sprint start Louis navigated himself to 5th place keeping pace with the runner in front and, ever watchful of the lead athlete, was ready to respond to any sudden breaks.  As the course snaked back and forth in the lower part of the field, Louis decided to switch on the afterburners and inject a little pressure on the field as he glided from 5th to 2nd. He began stalking his opponent with a predator-like instinct, knowing that he only needed to wait for the opportune moment to strike. And strike he did! With less than a third of the race to go, he had opened up a lead of nearly 100m as they drove up the long climb towards the finish line. Never once did Louis falter and crossed the line in a well deserved first place.

As a result of this Louis has qualified to represent the county in the English Schools Athletics Cross Country event on the 17th March.