Course Category: GCSE


DramaSubject Overview The aim of Drama in the curriculum is to provide opportunities for students to develop their confidence, self-awareness and understanding of others. Students are encouraged to become skilled communicators and lessons are heavily focused on group work. The department exists within an ethos of mutual respect for all, where students feel safe to [...]

Computing & IT

Computing & ITSubject Overview Computing & IT at Waddesdon can be broken down into two main strands. The first one focuses on the core science elements of technology and explores the inner fundamentals with regard to how technology functions. This discipline is more commonly known as Computer Science. It is where pupils gain an insight [...]

Business, Economics & Finance

Business, Economics & FinanceBusinessSubject Overview In Business at GCSE, our aim is to introduce students to the main aspects of business operations, including HR, finance, marketing, operations and entrepreneurship.  Over the course of completing the subject, students develop their ability in making decisions and forming arguments based on material seen for the first time and using their knowledge of business.  [...]

Art & Design

ArtSubject Overview In the Art department we offer a vibrant and contemporary curriculum, preparing students to become creative thinkers who can decode the visual world around them in a personal way. Part of the process of learning through creativity teaches students to use critical and lateral thinking skills, alongside practical development of skills. The individuality [...]


EnglishSubject Overview We aim to instil students with confidence, to nurture in them an appreciation of the power of language and to encourage them to cultivate a lifelong love of literature. We believe this is most likely to happen when students and teachers demonstrate empathy, kindness and mutual respect in English classrooms. Students read a [...]


MathematicsSubject Overview Mathematics is at the core of the curriculum, providing a platform upon which other subjects can develop. The topics covered at KS3 are continued and extended in greater depth at KS4 and KS5. Mathematics is a life skill and we want students to function numerically in the world. Extra-curricular activities are arranged to [...]