Art & Design

Subject Overview

Art and Design covers a wide range of artistic approaches, including painting, drawing, photography, graphics, animation, digital media, printmaking and sculpture. It is a very popular subject and a good percentage of students pursue it at university.

Teaching Aims and Objectives

The two main teaching aims are:
  • To help students gain confidence and improve practical skills
  • To help students grow in their knowledge and understanding of the subject
Students are set high targets and are encouraged to achieve these standards by developing their artistic skills and abilities. They are provided with access to a wide range of work by diverse artists. The Department also teaches various topics by demonstration and by setting individual students research tasks which they discuss with other students.
Course Information All work is project-based and this includes examinations. A project involves research and development of a set theme. This journey of development, in most cases, takes place in a sketchbook or portfolio. Students make studies and sketches, test out techniques and collect resources. They refer to relevant artists and designers for inspiration and develop ideas through experimentation. As their knowledge, skills and understanding grow, they embark on more confident and informed pieces of art. These pieces are often exhibited in and around school or sometimes even in exhibitions in and around the community.


The Department delivers the following examination courses:
  • GCSE Art and Design
  • GCSE Photography
  • GCSE Graphic Communication
  • A Level Art and Design
  • A Level Graphics
  • A Level Photography
Department Resources The Department is extremely well placed to deliver courses by offering well-equipped facilities and expert staff. We have purpose-built 2D and 3D studios which contain a kiln, printing presses, silk screens, Apple Mac digital media suites, SLR cameras, and studio lighting.
  • Subject Leader: Laura Lenander
  • Student Achievement Manager: Sarah Davis
  • Teachers: Kirsten Adams, Sharon Evans, Rebecca Raynor
  • Technician: Suzanne Chapman (Art Technician)
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