Girls’ Football

With the backing of the enthusiastic PE department and from an initial suggestion from some Year 8 girls, we have launched a new Girls’ Football Club at Waddesdon.

The first training session confirmed the popularity of this new club.  I was planning a session for around 15 girls, but an eager 30 turned up, ready to get stuck into some serious football skills.  We have been running sessions every week since October and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the girls and coaching them so that they can improve their skills and confidence.

Our first fixture was scheduled for Thursday 14th February against the Aylesbury Vale Academy, a school who have run a girls’ football club for a while. This was a game for our Under 12 and Under 14 sides.  As it was both teams’ first ever matches, they were extremely excited about the prospect.

I was needed to referee the Under 14s’ game, so I couldn’t watch the Under 12s’ game, but their captain, Emmie, did a very good job of managing the team and ensuring everyone got game time, as well as doing the best they can during the match.

The Under 12 team drew 2-2 and the Under 14 team unfortunately lost 2-1, despite scoring first and playing very well. For their first ever game, both teams did themselves proud as they played in great spirit and there was some very good football on show too.

– Mr Scrivener

Girls’ Football is not just a way of improving your football skills, but also a way to keep fit and healthy, as well as enjoying the company of new people and socialising with your friends. Even if you are not the greatest at football, you can still come along and join in as it is very welcoming. You will be able to learn and practice new skills. We not only do plenty of competitive matches, but also lots of drills and mini games to help with individual and team skills like spacing and formations.Millie, Year 8
Girls’ Football is an after school club for Years 7, 8 and 9, which takes place on a Wednesday afternoon. It is a time where girls develop good mental health in addition to building up physical strength. It helps us to become more physically fit, being part of a Girls’ Football team can have positive benefits for our outlook on life. When we are on the pitch, it is a chance of building and developing skills. The main part of football is having teamwork and close relationships with people you don’t usually bond with.Ruby, Year 8