Mary Poppins Jr. 2018

Mary Poppins has been the best experience of Year 12 so far. When Miss Turner approached me at the end of Year 11 to ask if I would like to be the choreographer of the autumn show, I accepted with a feeling of pride, but also a small amount of fear. At this point in time we didn’t know the show was going to be Mary Poppins, but when the final decision was made I was so glad we had chosen such a classic musical. Before I even started choreographing I had to do a lot of research behind the original musical to make sure what I was choreographing was in keeping with the genre of the musical. The recalls for the main parts are one of my favourite bits of doing a show as you get to see people you never really expected come out of their shell to become amazing actors, singers and dancers. At the beginning I was terrified about standing up in front of a cast of 70 students; most of them were my friends, but they all paid so much attention and showed a lot of respect that we soon fell into the routine of practising. As dances remained incomplete, I must admit that I felt my stress level going through the roof, but at the after school sessions it all began to piece together and I even started to believe that we might end up with a show! The Saturday rehearsal is the best of all the rehearsals because for eight hours, everyone works together and that’s when everyone makes friendships that last the whole way through school. We also had a great team for the whole day with Miss Churchill and Miss Osborne returning to help Mr Judson, Mrs Carr-Ruby, Mrs Altass and Miss Turner. However, for me that Saturday was particularly stressful as we were going over dances continuously; I felt so bad for the cast for having to hear my voice for that long. The closer we got to the performance the more we could feel the excitement build up in the cast. It has been a complete change for me this year being on the creative team and not being a cast member, but it has been a nice change. When I was choreographing the dances I never imagined how well the cast would bring it to life, but they really do. Their characterisation is truly incredible and it makes me so proud. Both the acting and singing are also superb and I really hope everyone enjoyed it.Leoni (Year 12), Choreographer