Oxford University Visit

On 15th October a group of Year 11 students who had completed the Summer Challenge were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Oxford University. Laura tells us about the opportunities and insights the visit gave them.

We were lucky enough to explore Hertford College (part of the university) near the centre of the city. One unique element of Oxford University is the architecture: Many of the buildings were built in the 17th century. We were greeted by a former student who informed us about the many clubs and societies the college provides, such as the Harry Potter Society. Sport clubs are very popular with the university and many colleges compete against each other.

We were given the choice to experience a group discussion on Astrophysics or English Literature. I chose the latter. We had an interesting discussion where we shared our varying opinions on the ways we perceived the story set by the lecturer and our thoughts on the characters and their effects on us, the readers. I found the session fascinating and really enjoyed it, as did the rest of my group.

Lunch followed, and we had the opportunity to discuss with current students their thoughts on the college and their future goals. I personally found this really helpful and it has given me more insight into university life and has inspired me to keep focussed on my goals especially in the forthcoming year.

The rewards will definitely be worth it!

Finally, we were given a tour round the buildings. It was extremely interesting. We visited common rooms, the library, the chapel, where services are held weekly and they come together as a community to sing and worship, and walked over the famous Bridge of Sighs.

Altogether it was a very interesting and enjoyable trip as it put into perspective what a top university looks like. It’s a very good aspiration to aim for and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.Laura