Life Through a Lens: Photo Competition

In partnership with Waddesdon Manor, the school recently launched a wildlife photography competition with the brief: “Right place, Right time”.

Organiser Quinn of Year 9 reveals the winners below.

The competition was launched to promote interest towards the natural world and issues relating to preserving the natural beauty around us.

The turnout was more than we hoped for, with just under fifty amazing photos centred around the natural world. But there could only be one winner: Jasper (Year 9) snapped a truly wonderful shot of a brimstone butterfly, dazed and drunk on sugar-coated paper [below], which I thought captured one side of the relationship between human and nature.

The runners up included Charlie’s (Year 9) pine cone, pitched on lichen against the background pine trees, and Hayley’s (Year 7) ‘Lady of the Manor’ with a cool colour blue and warm red of a ten-spotted ladybird.

We are looking to launch this competition again some time and hope more students will enter in the future. Thank you for all your entries. Quinn, Lewis and Callum.