Pitt Rivers Museum Visit 2019

On Friday 8th of November, Year 8 students went on a trip to the Pitt Rivers museum to as part of their Sign of the Times project in Art to inspire their creative designs. The students had the opportunity to go across 3 floors at the museum and see lots of different artefacts from a variety of cultures and made detailed drawings. All students had an enjoyable time and came back with lots of ideas for their projects! Here are some comments from the students:

“I liked the totem pole. It was so big I didn’t how they got it in there!” – Lily, Year 8

“It was really interesting to see all the historical swords and items. It’s something I’m interested in; it was like dungeons and dragons!” – Noah, Year 8

“I liked the ships and the masks, I just wish we could have had more time there to see all of the artefacts!” – Coco, Year 8

“Gave me the opportunity to have a look at lots of interesting culture to use as my inspiration for my project.” – Harry, Year 8

“I wish I had a bit more time, so I could have drawn in more detail.” – Flynn, Year 8

“I liked the shrunken heads – it blew my mind that were ACTUAL heads!” – Matthew, Year 8