Portobello Road

Recently the Year 10 and 12 Spanish students took a trip to Portobello Road in London to meet up with their Spanish counterparts. Ella, Eleanor and Jordan recount the day’s events.

On 29th June the Year 10 and 12 Spanish students took a trip to Portobello Road in London. The trip began at 8.30 at Aylesbury train station where we all met and were sorted into groups. We were all excited and nervous at the prospect of meeting lots of new people and speaking in a foreign language, but we were all ready to embrace their culture and their way of living.

We first got to Portobello Road, and met with the Galician students. Our main activity was led by the Sixth Form students where we got into groups and completed an Alphabet Photo Challenge. The six groups wandered around the street working together to work through the challenge and getting to know each other simultaneously. All the students were engaging in this activity really well and were very excited. Afterwards, we had some free time to go around the food markets and try some amazing food from different cultures.

After the exciting activity with the Galician students, we made our way to the Vincente Canada Blanch school where we were warmly welcomed. We were taken on a tour of the colourful Spanish school, visiting classrooms, sports areas and eventually the canteen where we had a typical day’s lunch with the students and then soaked in the beautiful weather of the day, playing volleyball with the students. We engaged in conversations using English and Spanish interchangeably, and we also used our free time to talk about our different respective backgrounds, lifestyles and our plans for the future, including higher education and where we wished to go.

Overall, it was a very interesting day and we all learned a lot about the Spanish culture and language. It was beneficial to be able to apply the skills we learn in our lessons to real life. Finally, we would just like to say a big thank you to Ms Coulter for organising the trip and to all the accompanying teachers who kept us safe and organised throughout the day. ¡Gracias!