Expectations of Students

  • Work to fulfil their potential
  • Complete and submit homework and other assignments on time
  • Be polite and co-operative at all times
  • Dress smartly and in accordance with the school’s requirements
  • Attend school punctually and regularly
  • Treat all facilities and equipment carefully and with respect
  • Move about the school in an orderly and quiet manner
  • Treat fellow students with care, dignity and respect
  • Behave in accordance with the school behaviour policy both in and out of school
  • Conduct themselves with modesty and decorum. Close bodily contact between students is unacceptable i.e. the ‘daylight rule’ which is regularly explained in school assembly.
  • Appreciate that the laws of the land apply in school which means that drugs, weapons and alcohol are strictly forbidden.
  • Not to bring chewing gum and bubble gum into school
  • While we encourage students to leave their mobile phones at home, students may bring them to school, so long as they are switched off and in their bags before they enter the school site at the start of the day and remain there unless they are needed for an emergency and they have the express permission of a member of staff
  • Students may switch on and use their mobile phones after Period 5 has finished and they have left the building in which their lesson during Period 5 took place
  • While we encourage students to leave smart watches at home, students may bring them to school, so long as they are only used as a watch
  • If students are caught using their smart watches to read or send messages we will confiscate them in line with our current mobile phone policy, which includes a two day period of confiscation for the first offence