Rock Climbing

On 12th October, 39 Waddesdon students took part in a rock climbing opportunity at an outwards bound centre in North Yorkshire to support their GCSE PE practical grade.  The first session was focused on knot tying and helmets and harnesses. Then it was into climbing, traversing, bouldering, belaying and all the various climbing techniques. The students completed various climbs of different grading with the culmination of a competitive speed climb challenge. The highlight for me as a staff member was not the prospect of students accessing a good grade in one practical activity, but watching students grow in confidence across the weekend and discover they were competent climbers and could not only climb themselves but they were able to support and encourage others.

They really enjoyed the challenges of learning to climb.
I was glad I came and not just for my GCSEs.  It was lots of fun!
I would recommend the trip to other GCSE PE students if they have the chance.