Save the Children

The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 has been a busy time for the Save the Children team. We finished the year on a high with Christmas Jumper Day on December 1st. It was not only a lovely way to start our own festive celebrations, but it served as a reminder of the vital work that the Charity carries out in 68 countries around the world. A member of the Save the Children team presented a thought-provoking assembly to the whole school, which not only shared the work of Save the Children, but emphasised the importance of humanitarian aid as a whole. Together as a school community we raised £600.10, proving that whilst we may only be a small community, we have had an impact on the wider world.

The Year 10’s MUNGA (Mock United Nations General Assembly) also provided the Save the Children team an opportunity to once again stress the important work that Save the Children carry out. In addition to allowing us to facilitate the countries in their resolutions, with an emphasis on child protection, MUNGA, allowed students in Year 10 to witness the contrast between the dilemmas that they may come across in comparison to the resolutions, in which they try to find a way to overcome them.

As this term continues, the Save the Children team look forward to the different events we have planned to continue to support the work of this worthwhile charity.