School Library

The library is open to all students throughout the school day for study and for socialising outside of lessons.

Welcome to the School Library!

Librarian: Laura Staiano

The library is open to all students throughout the school day for study and for socialising outside of lessons; it provides students with an open, calm space for independent research, quiet reflection, small group activities and immersion in reading for pleasure. All students can borrow books, DVDs and are welcome to come and read the library magazines. We aim to tailor library clubs and activities to interests that the students have and are keen to explore. We currently run a combination of lunchtime and after school clubs; Warhammer Club after school on Tuesdays, Calm Wednesdays (where pupils are encouraged to engage with some quiet crafting activities), and a very popular Chess Club on Thursday lunchtimes. 

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day for an entire week with a book-inspired Escape Room. Students and staff were given ten minutes to try and complete the puzzles, crack the codes and escape the library. Across the week more than 20 teams took on the challenge, but only 5 managed to crack the puzzles in the allotted time; congratulations to those students! Many thanks to the Student Librarians who rejoiced in the opportunity to run such an exciting event.

Waddesdon Community Library

The Community Library will be returning soon.

Info and Facilities

Book and DVD loans – books are suitable for all ages
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Internet access
Careers Library
Careers adviser (please email to arrange this beforehand)
Study area


Waddesdon Community Library is the perfect venue for your book club! Please contact us for more information.


We always welcome volunteers so if you can offer a hour a month (or more) helping out in the library, teaching IT skills, taking over our social media feeds or helping to run events, please let us know!

We are currently consulting on proposed changes to our admissions arrangements.