Spirit in Motion

Our Year 9 Graphic Designers have been working with the National Paralympic Heritage Trust to celebrate the rich history of the Paralympics through design. Emie, James, Leola, Flick and Ellie tell us about being part of this exciting project.

Throughout the course of the summer term, the year 9 Graphics students were given the exciting opportunity to collaborate with the National Paralympic Heritage Trust, in an effort to raise awareness for Paralympians and those with disabilities.

We have collaborated with stoke Mandeville stadium and the National Paralympic Heritage Trust. Year 9 Graphics students at Waddesdon C of E have been making designs about the Paralympics and have been researching about the history and the people who took part in it. The Graphics students have are in the process of making posters, t-shirts, and souvenirs to promote Trust in an exhibition to raise awareness for the Paralympics and how disabled people can get involved in sports to represent their country.

The focus of our project is to make our school and local community aware of the work the National Paralympic Heritage Trust does and celebrate Paralympian achievements. We have researched and investigated other designers for inspiration, best contrasting colours, past history and much more. We were visited by Helene Raynsford who is a previous Paralympian Rower and Gold Medallist from the Bejing 2008 games. When meeting her, she explained what is was like to be disabled and she can still do and enjoy everything we do “but just slightly differently”. It helped us to understand the journey she had been on and what would be the right things to include in our work without offending anyone. 

We also had an Artist workshop with disabled artist Caroline Cardus. The artist workshop gave us the opportunity to ask questions about how, why and what worked well together and what she felt we could improve in our work. She got us thinking from the perspective of a disabled athlete which was a great experience because it was an opportunity to understand, grow and pick up new ways to design from a practicing artist. 

We are still working on our designs, mainly in Illustrator and Photoshop, each day making better progress. We have looked at lots of inspirational pieces and artists to help us decide what style of work, and also how to use different tools. It has been both useful and fun to produce these pieces of work. The work will be shown in exhibition mid September in the library and in a pop up museum – more details to follow.