Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter

As part of the promotion of the use of technology in the creative industries and world of work, the Design and Technology department took the whole of Year 8 on an exciting visit to the Harry Potter studios in Watford.

This annual visit gives the students an excellent opportunity to witness the design process, robotics, mechanics, construction and costume characterisation, and will provide the context for a range of D&T projects and activities throughout the new academic year. Typical activities will include: designing a new sorting hat, a Harry Potter inspired board game and Marauder’s map, a food dish that could be sold in the Backlot and programming practice through designing a magic 8 ball game.

Some of the students left their own personal comments on the visit, feel free to give them a read below:

As soon as I arrived, I felt like I was in the movies! The experience was surreal and I really enjoyed it. It also gave me many ideas for my textiles.Emma
Absolutely amazing, so educational and would definitely go again.Phoebe
It was a phenomenal experience that has inspired me for D&T.Peter
My favourite thing about the trip was looking at all the costumes.  I was most surprised about how detailed everything was, even if it minuscule.Emily
It was magical to learn about and see the wizarding world. The butter beer was phenomenal; I loved seeing the sets and being able to have a photo on a broomstick was unforgettable.  It was just awesome in every way.Kiera
On the Harry Potter trip I learnt a lot of things I didn’t know before about Harry Potter.  I learnt how they did all the floating objects and how they make all the characters. It shocked me when the cinema screen dropped and the big door (into the Grand Hall) opened.Joe
My favourite thing was the Hogwart’s model.  I was surprised about how big it was.Spencer
Really good experience.  I loved the part with the animal animation.Jess