Year 12 Graphics Visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum

Graphics Gathering Visit 02/10/18

On Tuesday 2ndOctober the Year 12 graphics students and the teachers: Mrs Lenander, Mrs Evans and Mr Scrivener visited the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. We went to the museum to hear a live Graphic Design brief which is being run in partnership with an ethical fashion charity called ‘Traid’. We all met at the Aylesbury Train Station before travelling to London Marylebone to get the tube to the museum. During the brief, we were told about the aims of Traid and the importance of recycling unwanted clothes. Then, we were given our task of creating a bold & informative clothing bank wrap for the charity to encourage people to recycle their unwanted clothes so that ‘Traid’ can reuse the items to sell in their charity shops to raise funds for improving conditions in the textile industry. After the live brief, there was some questions and answers regarding the technical specifications for the competition and we completed a series of activities about the Fashion Revolution movement. By this point, we were all very inspired from what we heard and had lots of ideas for the clothing bank wrap.

When we left the Victoria Albert Museum, we headed towards Carnaby street. We used the underground from South Kensington to Piccadilly Circus Station and then walked about 5 minutes to get to Carnaby Street. Carnaby Street is a pedestrianised shopping street in Soho in the City of Westminster, Central London. Close to Oxford Street and Regent Street, it is home to fashion and lifestyle retailers, including a large number of independent fashion boutiques. We saw loads of the leading shop icons, including the Tommy Hilfiger shop, Diesel, JD Sports, Topshop, etc. Mrs Lenander told us to take photos of the shop-fronts and interesting patterns, for example, when we went to look around Topshop I took loads of photos of patterns around the shop like a tiger fur pattern.

When we had finished with walking through Carnaby Street and taking photos of almost everything, we headed towards Oxford street where all of the big stores were, like Hamleys, Apple, Nike, Adidas etc. Then we walked through Selfridges, a chain of high-end department stores in the United Kingdom, again looking for advertisement or patterns that inspire us for our own projects that we are working towards.

This is a competition and we as designers must create a unique design which will be judged by the team at Traid and the V&A. The overall winner will have their design transferred onto all clothing banks in the London area should attract local people to donate their clothing and highlight the aims of Traid.