Year 7 Visit to Tring Museum

Year 7 went to Tring Museum to learn about animal body parts so we could work on our hybrid designs.  A hybrid is a mix of multiple animals joined together to make one.  A well known example of this is a Minotaur, a mix between a man and a bull. This was an amazing trip because we got to see a wide variety of animals close-up, some of which are extinct.

At a special workshop we were able to see and feel a variety of stuffed animals (taxidermy). We took them to our desks and drew them up close, also taking some pictures.  Having them up close gave us the opportunity to see all the details of the animals like the fur and the whiskers.  It was an extraordinary experience because some of the animals were unknown to us, like the glis-glis, and it was also fascinating to observe the skeleton of a mole, wood pigeon, hedgehog and many others.

Next, we went to the main museum galleries and saw many animals such as zebras, bears, dodos, big cats, a wide variety of dogs, a fake killer whale, deer and a collection of eggs and insects. There were even some hybrids including a mix between a donkey and a zebra. One of the things we enjoyed most was being able to see extinct animals and get up close to creatures that we wouldn’t normally be able to, for example wild cats, bears and other dangerous beasts.

After the trip, we have begun producing our own hybrids by using some of the body parts of the creatures we saw at Tring Museum. It was a brilliant trip we’d recommend to anybody who would want a fantastic day out.

Report by Alexa, Bethany and Henry.