Post 16 Passport

Welcome to Year 12 from the Heads of School and Sixth Form Team!

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Post 16 Passport

To enable you to confirm your Sixth Form subject choices and make the best possible transition to Year 12, we have put together the Post 16 Passport for you below.

There are lots of useful activities you can complete up to page 14 of the Passport to introduce you to Sixth Form life and study.  These will enable you to develop your personal qualities, your knowledge about your career choices and super-curricular activities, and your independent learning skills.

On page 14, we explain how to complete the work for your chosen subjects (and one back up subject).  You will bring this completed work with you to Sixth Form Enrolment in August.

We would very much encourage you to take up the Challenge Award (page 13), which will get you off to a really flying start in Sixth Form.

We are very much looking forward to working with you next year.  Good luck for your GCSE Results and have a great summer!