Pastoral Care


Every teacher at Waddesdon is devoted to the personal, social development, education and care of all pupils across the school. We are responsible for their welfare and progress and we put pastoral care first because we want to deliver a safe and supportive environment for our pupils.

Pastoral care is at the core of our school with an intelligent, responsible and focused system centred on personal development and wellbeing, where happiness and welfare are prioritised. Success is built upon the strong inclusive values of Dignity and Respect.

Pastoral care relies on open and productive relationships, aided by clear and consistent communication, within an enabling culture.   Excellent pastoral care depends on the school relationships we foster and harness.

Outstanding care requires the support of every colleague to create an environment which can help students flourish. Here at Waddesdon we have a phenomenal team to meet the needs of children and young adults in our care.

James Sturla

Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)

Safeguarding Lead

Sam Jones

Deputy Headteacher

Behavioural Lead

Rachel Branton

Assistant Headteacher (T&L CPD)

Additional Safeguarding Teacher

Annalies McIver

Assistant Headteacher / Head of Sixth Form

Additional Safeguarding Teacher

Alannah Cullen

Head of Year 7

Matthew Dipple

Head of Year 8

Janek Maciejewski

Head of Year 9

Vanessa Clark

Head of Year 10

Kate Turner

Head of Year 11

Nicci Aldridge

Head of Year 12

Tamsin McKenzie

Head of Year 13

Sara Turner

School Counsellor

Fiona Champness


At Waddesdon pastoral care is not an end in itself, but firmly embedded in the aims, values, beliefs and norms of our school. It is clearly articulated and there is a shared and strong conceptual understanding of the meaning of pastoral care amongst staff across the school community.

Pastoral care is omnipresent and touches every part of school life and is therefore felt at all levels of curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment, school organisation, ethos and environment, partnerships and services.

At Waddesdon we can only make a difference when professionals and parents work together so there is a strong inter-agency requirement with timely communications between key workers, relevant organisations and families.

Our effective care is proactive and preventative, in that we provide a range of activities and support various processes that anticipate ‘critical incidents’ in children’s lives and aim to prevent and reduce the need for reactive casework.

A critical feature of pastoral care at Waddesdon is how well staff know our pupils’ unique circumstances so they can learn effectively.  Therefore, the best care is defined on the quality of relationships, strong partnerships, high expectations and how our staff respond to the needs of specific pupils and groups.