Restaurant Information


The School’s in-house catering brigade serve a range of Breakfast, Lunch, Street Food and Snack options to students and staff.
The Restaurant is open for breakfast from 7:45 a.m. until registration, serving daily variety of porridge, savoury  and sweet breakfast items, healthier choice options , fruit pots and smoothies.
Lunch is served daily at 11:05 a.m. where students are encouraged to enjoy a healthy balanced, nutritious and tasty hot main meal including vegetarian and/or vegan options with a dessert of the day available. Alternatively students can purchase daily street food options, baguettes, sandwiches, snacks, fruit and drinks.
A daily range of savoury and sweet healthy options will be available for purchase at second break (1:50 p.m.)
Restaurant Information


  • Restaurant & Kitchen Manager/Head Chef: Anthony Lamb
  • Restaurant Assistant Chef: Luke Woodward
  • Catering Supervisor: Helen Weston
  • Catering Assistants: Christine Hiscock and Aouatif Mernissi
Restaurant Information

Menu & Allergen Information


07:45 - 08:30
  • Savoury baps
  • Croissants
  • Breakfast muffins
  • Porridge with toppings
  • Yoghurt and fruit pots


11:05 - 11:45
£2.70/ Main Meal
  • Sandwiches/Baguettes: £1.90 - £2.40
  • Dessert: 70p
  • Fruit/Jelly/Yoghurt: 50p

Second Break

13:50 - 14:10
  • Savoury Items: 60p - £1.00
  • Cakes: 60p
  • Cookies: 50p
  • Ices: 50p - £1.00