Year 8 Options

Online Option Choices

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At Waddesdon Church of England School we are fully committed to the educational programme on offer for our students and believe that all children can make the right decisions through careful consultation. Key Stage 4 is an important time in any child’s education as it lays foundations for Key Stage 5, university, lifelong learning and the world of work. Heads of Year and Form Tutors work closely with staff and students and welcome support from parents.

What should I base them on?

Subject Choices

  • The need for a balanced education
  • Pathways to post-16 learning and higher education
  • Career aspirations
  • Personal abilities and interests
  • The changing/advancing world of the 21st Century

Our prospectus shows the range of educational opportunities available during Years 9, 10 and 11. We are very grateful for your continuing support at this important stage in your child’s education.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the English Baccalaureate (Ebacc)?

The Government is recommending that all students take a foreign language and either History or Geography at GCSE Level. This may be suitable for your son or daughter, but we are not making these subjects compulsory. Your son/daughter has been asked to think about whether these are the right subjects for him/her.

What are the STEM subjects?

In the past the Government has also emphasised the importance of studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These subjects are sometimes seen more favourably by employers and relate to future career paths. On the whole, we do not advise your son/daughter to take Engineering as well as a second Technology subject.

How are the final choices decided?

Since we do not ask students to pick from prescribed pathways or option blocks, it is only once the choices have all been submitted that we sort the choices into groups for timetabling purposes. Usually there are about 20 students who need to choose another option. This is done in consultation with your son/daughter and is the reason why we ask your child to offer two reserve choices. Please be aware that we will not run a course if too few students opt for it.

As a student, where can I get additional advice and help?

If you are looking for additional help, then there are many people who can listen to you and advise you. Speak to your parents and your teachers first. Then consider talking to the subject leader for the subjects that you would like to know more about. Don’t forget that students from older year groups can often give you good advice and have been in your situation most recently.

Our in-school Careers Advisor, Miss Bridges, will be able to talk to you as well as helping you to gather more information through contacts with external support agencies.