School Calendar Term Dates
School Calendar Term Dates

Living Out Our Values

As an Anti-Racist School

What is Racism?

“Conduct, or words, or practices which disadvantage people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin.” MacPherson Report, 1999

In order to educate our students fully, we must consider the sorts of society that we wish to build, and which we wish for our young people to inhabit. To create equality and to remove disadvantage, we need proactively to address inequalities by ensuring systems, curriculum structures and our culture promote fairness and celebrate difference.  We can do this by:

  • Valuing diversity (at every level)
  • Engaging with diversity (in and beyond school)
  • Challenging discrimination and prejudice
  • Promoting social justice for all

Within school, we engage with these questions as students, teachers and school leaders. We provide educational opportunities for Governors, Staff and our young people so that they can better understand how to contribute positively to a better and more equitable world.

The staff and student visions provide context about our school and our aspirations.