Staff Development

Development of Teachers

We firmly believe in the concept of ‘lifelong learners’. Whilst our students are learning on a daily basis, we ensure this culture of learning and development is embedded in staff practice. Our Continuing Professional Development and Learning (CPDL) programme for new and established teachers is diverse and focuses on the needs of both the school and the individual.

NQTs that join us are supported throughout their first year, through our new staff meetings programme and focused coaching/mentoring. Click on the NQT Application Guide below for more information.

NQT Guide

Second year teachers partake in our ‘Developing Excellence’ programme, a coaching programme aimed at moving practice from good to outstanding.

All teachers partake in CPDL through our Teaching and Learning Communities (TLCs). Staff select an area of interest to study and meet in small groups to learn new, exciting and interesting ways of enhancing classroom practice, with an action research based approach.

We also support middle and senior leadership development, through the use of carefully selected, external accredited programmes (such as UCL’s Widening Leadership).

NQT Application Booklet 2019