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Musical Showcase 2021: SHOW TIME

After lockdowns and delays, at last we had the opportunity to enjoy our Musical Showcase and to be blown away by the talent, skill and hard work of our performers and musicians. Year 8’s Elsie and Year 12’s Hannah, who both took part, tell us more. The musical showcase has helped me learn many new [...]

Musical Showcase 2021: UPDATE

Our students are rehearsing hard for our Musical Showcase which will go online in the summer. Bea from Year 12 will be performing, and she took some time out from rehearsals to tell us about it.  The show experience, this year has been nothing we have experienced before. Because of Covid-19, we can no longer […]

The SECOND GUESS Interview

On Friday 12th March Charlie, Year 13, released his debut single as an independent artist named ‘Second Guess’.  So far, it has been streamed 10,000 times, a number which will no doubt keep on climbing! Mr Scrivener sat down with Charlie to talk about how he was feeling following the release, the process behind the [...]

COMING SOON: The Big Gig 2020

With last year's Big Gig being such great success, the anticipation was extremely high for this year's instalment. The above video showcases a short promotional video for The Big Gig 2020 but if you need a quick refresher for last year's event, then below is a video with our favourite moments from The Big Gig [...]

The Big Gig 2019

View Image Gallery The Big Gig 2019 was a roaring success, everyone who attended raved about how good it was and how it exceeded all expectations, here is one of the performers' take on the event. It was late November, in a music lesson, when I first found out about Mr Judson’s plan for the [...]