Service of Praise & Thanksgiving

Held on the 3rd October 2018, the Service of Praise and Thanksgiving was, as always, an annual success. Organised by Religious Studies teacher, Mr Dangana and Head of Music, Mr Judson, it was bound to be a highlight of the school year. Year 11 students Katie and Charly hosted the event, read Charly’s report below:

The Thanksgiving service was an unexpected highlight of the year. The pressure was on Katie and I to open proceedings; however, after a short time on stage, we quickly lost our fears.

The amazing music radiated the crowd with an aura of positivity and laughter. Mr Judson’s music sets both shocked and amazed everyone in the room (even Mr Dangana who had planned the whole event!)

We strongly believe it highlighted the joyous spirit at the heart of Waddesdon and showcases how lucky the students are to be here.

Charly, Year 11