Sixth Form

We are immensely proud of our Sixth Form students, as they make a considerable contribution to the school community and are a great asset. The Sixth Form at Waddesdon sets the tone for the whole school. We expect the appearance, conduct and courtesy of our students to enhance the school’s reputation in the community and we hope they will become involved in a leadership role within the school and undertake some aspect of community service during their Sixth Form career.

Each Sixth Form student has a personal tutor who monitors progress, helps with target setting and tries to solve any problems that may arise.

While at Waddesdon, everyone has the opportunity of participating in a range of social and leisure activities. In addition, there are opportunities to take part in residential experiences, international exchanges and visits such as skiing, theatres, museums and galleries. Excursions are also organised to support Sixth Form programmes of study.

If you are just beginning to think about the next stage in your education, Welcome! Please take a look at Joining the Sixth Form and download our prospectus.

Meet the Team

Head Students

Head Students

Our Head Students are elected each year from Year 12 by a group of their peers. Henry and Erin and their deputies, Ana, Charlie, Amy and Liam, are the voice of the Sixth Form and attend regular meetings with the School Council and the Head of Sixth Form. They are charged with organising the prefects, and enforcing school rules. They also act as an important bridge between teaching staff and students, relaying information in both directions.

Miss McIver

Head of Sixth Form

Miss McIver, Head of Sixth Form

After completing a BA (Hons) in History at the University of Durham, followed by a PGCE at the University of Oxford, Miss McIver taught in a local school in Aylesbury and then a comprehensive school in West Oxfordshire, where she was Head of Year and House Co-Ordinator. She completed an MSc in Education in 2005 at the University of Oxford. She joined Waddesdon Church of England School in September 2011 as Head of Sixth Form and a History teacher. Miss McIver is dedicated to supporting all Sixth Form students to achieve their academic potential as well as becoming well-rounded, global citizens, ready to embrace the challenges of the modern world.

Miss McIver regards it as a huge privilege to work with young people and to support them to wherever their post 18 aspirations take them.

Mrs Dawkins

Head of Year 13

Anne Dawkins, Head of Year 12

Mrs Dawkins completed a MA (Joint- Honours) in Spanish and Management at the University of St. Andrews which included an integrated year abroad in Chile teaching English. Following the completion of her degree, she joined the Teach First programme to train as a Spanish teacher in London. Mrs Dawkins is committed to providing educational opportunities for all, particular those children from less fortunate backgrounds. In her role at The Compton School, Finchley, she successfully headed up both the Spanish and Business Studies Departments. In 2010-2011 her passion for her subject took her back to studying a MRes in Spanish and Latin American Studies at Birkbeck University. Following relocating, Mrs Dawkins joined Waddesdon in September 2011 as a teacher of Spanish with French which she combines along with her role as Head of Year 12.

As well as being extremely passionate about all things Spanish, Mrs Dawkins cares deeply about the well being of her students and enjoys supporting them through this important stage in their education. She holds the belief that the young people of today are the future of tomorrow and it is therefore vital that we invest in the immense potential that each one holds.

Miss Aldridge

Head of Year 12

Nicci Aldridge, Head of Year 13

After completing a BA (hons) in French and German Studies at the University of Warwick, Miss Aldridge spent a year working as a language assistant in a lycée in Vannes, France. On returning to the UK, she completed a PGCE at Oxford Brookes University. Miss Aldridge’s first teaching post was at a Language College in Worcester. She joined Waddesdon as a teacher of French and German in 2009 and was appointed as Student Achievement Manager for Modern Foreign Languages a year later. Miss Aldridge combines her role within the Modern Foreign Languages department with her duties as Hear of Year 13.

Miss. Aldridge is motivated by her firm belief in the potential of all young people. She has a genuine desire to see them achieve, while becoming fully-rounded, confident and successful citizens. She is fully committed to supporting all students to fulfil their academic potential in the Sixth Form and in their pursuit of success in their chosen post eighteen career paths.

Mrs Carr

Student Monitoring Administrator

Jenny Carr, Student Monitoring Administrator

Mrs Carr's current role as the administrator for Years 12 and 13 puts her at the heart of Sixth Form activity. Having started at the school in 1984 as a dinner lady, she progressed to the forefront of computer technology in 1989 from what is now the library office. Mrs Carr continued in this role, managing the school's first computer room in what is now P7 before moving to the Rothschild and finally the Thorp building.

Mrs Carr is a great font of information and, as she has overseen reports for many years, she has seen students progress through the school to the Sixth Form. She keeps a tight reign on attendance and operates the administration for UCAS applications. There is no doubt that Mrs Carr is an integral part of the Sixth Form experience.

Form Teachers

  • Miss Fitzgerald
  • Miss Davis
  • Mr Dangana
  • Mrs Patchett
  • Mr Tilley
  • Mr Lane
  • Mr Majethia
  • Mrs Good
  • Miss Paul-Smith
  • Miss Sexton
  • Dr West
  • Mrs Wybron