Year 8 Self-Expression Art

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Year 8 developed the skills of self-expression in their Art in a time of Covid and non-specialist classrooms. In this article Emily and Frances explain the processes and ideas behind their work. 

First the detailed self-portrait in graphite 

In Art we started looking at different emotions and facial features. We were taught how to draw portraits using grids and different shading techniques. After practicing to draw the facial features we took a picture of ourselves printed it off and took it to class. We drew a grid over our printed picture and our sketchbook page lightly so I could be rubbed out later on. We spent three lessons drawing ourselves in our sketchbook using the printed picture to help and detailing each feature carefully. 

Then the collaging to add self-expression 

Later on our teacher photocopied our drawing and printed two copies off to use in our collages. We spent a lesson coming up with ideas to showcase hobbies, world events etc. Using different pictures and drawings in our collages. We collected printed pictures such as backgrounds and icons and brought them to the lesson. Using our imagination and creativity we cut out and stuck down different drawings and pictures of many different ideas unique to everyone. By the end we had art pieces showing a variety of ideas from everyone, each a different style from another. 

What they were about 

The topics for our portraits ranged from things we like, to things we want to express. Some of them were about world events and some were about current trends. Some of the collages were bright and colourful, while other sensible and serious. Many were designed to make the viewer smile and feel the emotion artist wants to portray. 

What we learned 

As well learning how to express our emotions through art we learned about portraiture and collages. This helped to us to draw these portraits in a realistic and accurate way. The collaging helps us with the design and construction of the piece and become the building blocks on which we learned to express ourselves through art.