You’re Fried: Food Apprentice

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Our students in year 9 Food have been getting ready to take part in the Apprentice, creating dishes suitable for sale in a supermarket as ready meals. Next, they’ll make a sales pitch before a panel of food experts (teachers!) to see who’s the icing on the cake, and who gets the chop. 

“This term in Food Tech we did The Apprentice. We got to design a range of meals to be sold in a supermarket. My favourite thing about it was the freedom we got. I chose to make Italian themed food. My favourite dish was my tiramisu. His is because I got to eat it while I watched the football. It was delicious. I proved to myself that I can cook!” – Henry

“I loved doing the apprentice because it showed how good I was at cooking and how challenging some of my recipes were. It was more fun because you could show your classmates and teacher what you could do in one hour. Can we cook? Yes we can!” – Paige 

“For the past three weeks, we’ve been doing a challenge in Food Tech called the Apprentice. My theme is tropical foods because I wanted to incorporate lots of fruits and spices. First week, I made tropical rice. That may sound boring but it included pomegranate, mango, pineapple, coconut and a pineapple bowl (real)! For rhe second week, I made a jerk chicken salad, experimenting with flavour and texture. I used a chunky mango salsa and jerk chicken with chilli and some refreshing salad leaves. Third week came, and I decided to do a dessert. I made passion fruit meringue tartlets. Overall, I have really enjoyed the freedom and creativity of this challenge.” – Leola

“Due to COVID-19 the food tech room hasn’t been the easiest place to work in practicals. We haven’t had the chance to cook as much and that’s challenged our skills. Luckily for us we got back in time to do the Apprentice! This was the highlight of my year as it gave us the freedom and choice to do whatever recipes we wanted! I enjoyed the element of independence and I chose to try creating a dish that took a long time to challenge myself. Fortunately I triumphed and it came out really tasty and even better than I’d planned! ” – Khaya 


“Even throughout a challenging year, we got to experience and push ourselves by doing the really enjoyable Apprentice. It has been very hard to cook during Covid, meaning we couldn’t experiment and make many dishes; however the Apprentice has allowed us to be creative and gave us the freedom to choose and cook our own dishes. It requires you to make three dishes of your choice from a country of your choice. Although it was challenging it was a really fun experience! ” – Hannah

“This term in Food Tech we all took part in a project – the Apprentice. Over the course of 3 weeks we planned and researched 3 dishes to make that are somehow all linked. I chose to make 3 Italian dishes, because it’s my favourite type of food. I enjoyed the freedom and the opportunity to make what you want. ” – Ella

“I have enjoyed cooking in the Apprentice and having freedom to choose what I want to do, and having responsibility to bring in my ingredients and my own recipe. ” – Finn