Over the course of a week and a half in October, four students from Waddesdon’s Anti-racist Group carried out an assembly for each year group on the topic of racism. 

During the first lockdown, as many of you know, the tragic death of George Floyd brought increased attention to the Black Lives Matter campaign and brought more light and awareness to the struggles all people of colour face on a daily basis. 

In the assembly the students covered a lot of these issues such as: micro-aggressions (these can come in the form of ‘jokes’ or small comments people say), obvious/overt racism (which are slurs), privilege and covered how to be an ally to people of colour. 

The Anti-racist Group hope to help further educate the Waddesdon School community (of students, staff and parents) and hope to make Waddesdon not just a not-racist school, but an actively anti-racist school. 

Being part of an ethnic minority can sometimes be intimidating or challenging for people as you feel like there’s no one you can relate to or speak to about any of the struggles you face. You fear your struggles being dismissed, or being made to question what really happened (gaslighting). 

The Waddesdon Anti-racist Group hope to make Waddesdon School a totally safe place for students of colour and a place where any form of racism is always challenged. 

Racism is never a joke to be taken lightly, so if you have partaken in racism, it’s never too late to change and reflect.