With the inauguration of Covid lateral flow testing in the school, we have taken a big step towards keeping our students safe as life begins to return to normal. Our Year 8 students have been telling us how they are finding the experience. 

I was in the line for a test. I slowly made my way up the line, getting closer and closer. Everyone seemed so nice, but the nose twizzle was not. An itch you can’t scratch, an itch you have to let tingle, plainly and painfully. During the tonsil-rubbing I felt like I was going to puke, like when you take a bite of blue cheese. Then I was done. I raced out just to smell the fresh air.


Apart from the long queue, I thought the covid test was completely fine. The teachers and staff guided me through step by step and were all very helpful. After the second test I knew exactly what I was doing but they still made sure that I felt safe and was okay.


My first experience when I got tested was I felt a bit nervous queuing and a bit anxious. When you get in the hall someone asks you some simple questions and then you move on to wait for testing after answering the questions and sanitising your hands.

When you’re at the front someone will call you to a booth to do your test. They are very nice and help you know what you’re doing. First you brush each tonsil four times then put the swab in your nose until you feel a small resistance and turn it for five seconds. This doesn’t hurt at all. You just might gag a bit and your nose will feel funny when the swab is in there.

After my first test I knew there was nothing to worry about anymore as it was completely fine and it doesn’t take long. So if you’re worried or anxious that’s fine but it’s not bad at all and doesn’t hurt.


I think that the testing is okay. The actual test is uncomfortable, and the waiting is dull and boring – but at least it doesn’t take too long.

To do the test, I must first wait in a line for my turn. This can sometimes take a long time. Then I get in the sports hall and sanitise my hands. Afterwards I get a card. I wait a bit more. Then I get into a booth and take off my mask. I take the swab and first touch my tonsils with it. This is a bit uncomfortable but it doesn’t last long. I then take the swab out of my mouth without touching my tongue or teeth. I put the swab up my nostril until I feel a little push. Then I turn the swab five times. This part is the part I hate the most because it is uncomfortable and a bit painful. Finally I take out the swab and put it in a small bottle with a liquid.

After this I put on my mask and exit the sports hall. Teachers are there to guide you through the process.