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Hot Shots: Oxford Photography Trip

Our Year 10 photographers travelled to Oxford to be inspired among the spires. Lola, Alfie, Daisy and Mac sum up their day. On the 9th of June, year 10 GCSE photography students went on a trip to Oxford, with the aim of coming back with 4 photoshoots, and I think I can speak for everyone [...]

Pitt Rivers Museum Visit 2019

On Friday 8th of November, Year 8 students went on a trip to the Pitt Rivers museum to as part of their Sign of the Times project in Art to inspire their creative designs. The students had the opportunity to go across 3 floors at the museum and see lots of different artefacts from a variety [...]

Harry Potter Visit 2019

Harry Potter world was amazing!  Definitely one of the best places I’ve ever been. Every detail in the books has been built into the sets by designers.  As well as this, there are clever techniques and big things like the dragon in the Gringots bank and how it is presented on film.  It looks really [...]